Upcoming BME/POC LGBTQ+ Professional discussion sessions Dec 2018 – Jan 2019

Olivia King develops and assesses policies, information guides, teaching programmes, and workshops in equity, human rights and individual development. Olivia has lived experience, work experience and voluntary sector experience gained in the private, public and educational sectors. Her academic background is law, business and psychology. Core areas of interest 2018/2019:

  • intercultural communication;
  • creative thinking and disrupting bias;
  • individual development, endurance and leadership.

All teaching material, workshops and programmes are impact assessed against rigorous equality standards.

37F75F02-AEBB-41F9-9C4F-F15D357D46EBBME/POC LGBTQ+ Professional Network: In 2018 Olivia formed the network in Brighton and Hove, UK. You can find resources on this website and email bmerainbownetwork@gmail.com if you would like to be added to the distribution list to be notified of upcoming events.

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