Inclusive interviews

I was reviewing my training material and found this video that some of you may not have seen.

The video, by Heineken, is an example of using one event to benefit many different parts of an organisation (including customers) and making everyone feel included about who gets hired for a job – customers, the interviewees, staff across divisions.

What else does the video show? It demonstrates respect for interviewees – putting them in a situation which challenges them and recognises them as individuals who make choices.

And what a welcome, the person who got the job received! Doesn’t it set them up to do everything they can to keep the job and do their best for the organisation? Do you think they felt special that the organisation made such an effort to find them, select them and welcome them? The principles contained in the video, can be applied in different ways across interviewing formats.

Who an organisation hires matters – it has wide repercussions across operations. It doesn’t matter what the job is – organisations are essentially connections of people and healthy connections matter for the long-term benefit of all aspects of organisational operations.

In organisations, inclusion is about everyone – something which is often ignored and under-utilised as a means to achieving goals, growth and a competitive edge.

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