Stonewall PoC Diaspora Event September 2018: You cannot be what you cannot see

Stonewall has ramped up it’s commitment to interrogating issues faced by people of colour who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer/questioning and/or trans, non-binary and gender fluid/queer. An event hosted by the Black Employee Network of Amazon UK, was attended by Stonewall alumni and others. There were speakers from different parts of the community who looked at things such as decolonising thinking/language/behaviour and putting support in place for marginalised communities.

Things I found interesting:

  1. Still surviving is a radical act in itself – people alluded to the thinking that was widely promoted by Audre Lorde.
  2. People were trying to live their best lives in the face of discrimination.
  3. There was a call for greater visibility of LGBTQ+ people within the PoC/BAME groups. Isolation and lack of visibility can contribute to erasure of our community.
  4. Just because you share characteristics does not mean you share the same goals/interests and that is why community-building is important as communities attempt to understand those differences.
  5. Flexible working should be provided for people who routinely face micro-aggressive behaviour in the workplace (e.g. trans and non-binary), giving employees time to for self-care. This can include opportunities to work from home.
Stonewall runs BAME/POC LGBTQ+ role model sessions throughout the year. If you are interested, contact them through their website.


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