Gender and sexual diversity

Recently I sat through a presentation where ‘straight/cis’ was used over and over again.

It was unsettling that in 2018 people are unwilling to do 5 minutes of research to make sure they understand the difference between sexual orientation (who you are attracted to, who you feel romantic about) and gender identity (how you see yourself on the male-female spectrum). It was also offensive.

Not all straight people are cis-gender (your sex attributed at birth is the same as your gender identity). Some trans people (your sex attributed at birth does not align with your gender identity) identify as straight. Some lesbians, gay and bisexual people are cis-gender others are trans.

Then there are those who are afraid about terminology – they don’t understand it. Something else that can be clarified with just 5 minutes of reading. As the internet is full of websites explaining the difference between sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, I shan’t do the other sites a disservice by repeating everything again.

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