Submissions: BME working life project

See the project brief here

You can answer any or all of the questions. You can suggest questions that you feel may be more appropriate. You can provide any type of image to accompany your piece – perhaps a family photo? Or a piece of art by a BME artist? Or a drawing of your own? Anything that reaffirms BME identity visually will be great.
(a) What three things inform who you are in your workplace? Why?
(b) How do you see your career journey in terms of your identity as a BME person?
(c) What/who has helped you to persistent in your career?
(d) Do you have any ‘lightbulb’ moments that helped you build your self-esteem?
(e) There are very few BME people at the top of their field in any sector in the UK – and research has shown that this is not because we are not qualified or not experienced or not supported by our family/friends/communities. What three things do you need from employers/society to enable you to fulfil your potential and ambitions?

If you would like to participate in the project – contact me through this website. And, do ask your friends/family if they would like to participate. If the project grows, I will promote it as best I can and develop it as a resource to ensure that responses and information are archived for future generations through collaborating with BME archivists in Britain. I will start promoting some of the responses in March 2019.

Note: I will not publish/circulate any of your responses without prior approval from yourself. You also are able to withdraw your response at any point.

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