Film: Are you proud?

The film 'Are you proud?' (Dir. Ashley Joiner, 2018) charts aspects of British LGBTQ+ activist history. In a Q&A session the director said that he wanted to make sure that people understood that the film was made from his perspective and that others may have covered different topics such as the campaign for equal marriage,... Continue Reading →

Empathy & sympathy: boundaries in good healthcare

People who work in healthcare can easily become overwhelmed by the pain witnessed every day. As a result, it is important to repeatedly clarify the boundaries of empathy and sympathy. Empathy is highly complex and multidimensional. It  consists of both cognitive and affective (emotional) aspects. Affective empathy is when we experience the feelings of others.... Continue Reading →

Equality awareness and human factors in healthcare

'In psychologically unsafe environments, where poor practice has gone unchallenged or become normalised or where bad behaviour has become entrenched, equality training can start to unpick the issues and increase awareness among healthcare workers, which in turn can improve patient safety.' Human factors is about looking at the different elements that can influence people and... Continue Reading →

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