Speaking up: power and perception

At the General Medical Council (GMC) conference in April 2019, Supporting a profession under pressure in delivering good care, speaking up and organisational culture was discussed within the context of patient safety, quality and care. It is often the case in organisations such as the NHS that poor behaviour is validated and replicated due to... Continue Reading →

Daily discrimination: impact on health

The impact of discrimination on the health outcomes of people of colour has long been known. Just last year NHS figures showed that Black and Asian women were seven times more likely to die in childbirth compared to White women who use NHS midwifery services. We also know that the prevalence of mental health issues... Continue Reading →

Powerlessness, health & choice: a theory

Studies continue to show that a sense of powerlessness (perceived/actual) has a lasting negative impact on health. It is a risk factor for disease. Some research suggests that rapid restructuring (utilising the plasticity of the brain) of ingrained thinking patterns is the way forward. If I were to tell you that you aren’t going to progress... Continue Reading →

Working with interpreters effectively: healthcare

Fundamentals of interpreting services Communication services are vital to gain informed consent in the healthcare setting. You can use telephone interpreters if your patient is uncomfortable speaking to someone else face-to-face. Effective communication reduces misdiagnoses, failure to adhere to a treatment regime and frequent admissions. Family and friends should not be used as interpreters because they:... Continue Reading →

End of life care: diversity

Does the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK deliver culturally sensitive end-of-life care services? Or does it rely on stereotypes and biases rather than exploring the actual needs of the population groups it serves? How much research and work is done in different hospitals to find out about the end-of-life care needs of different... Continue Reading →

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