Gender diversity & non-binary inclusion at work

Overview Developing a workplace culture that is inclusive of non-binary and gender diverse people means having practical measures in place to ensure employees are comfortable and protected at work. You need to to be equitable about all the arrangements and processes you have. It is not enough to have a policy stating it is your... Continue Reading →

Sexual orientation and gender identity

Recently I sat through a presentation where 'straight/cis' was used over and over again. It was annoying that in 2018 people are still unwilling to do 5 minutes of reading to make sure they understand the difference between sexual orientation (who you are attracted to, who you feel romantic about) and gender identity (how you... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding & work: arrangements for employees

Employers have certain obligations towards employees who are breastfeeding. This does vary depending on the size of the organisation, however, in the main, employers should have at the minimum, a basic leaflet explaining what they can provide, and what they expect from employees. Remember, as an employer it is up to you to risk assess... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name? Gender identity and respect

At some training sessions I have attended, ice breakers have included asking people to say something about their names. I find this problematic although it does present an opportunity to explore wider issues. We as trainers, need to be mindful of the implications of asking people to talk about their 'names'. It has the potential,... Continue Reading →

Mental health at work

Recently I ran a training session for a large group of people. We worked on an exercise about supporting a colleague with a mental health issue in the workplace. The overwhelming expectation was for the person in distress to reach out to their manager. I asked: 'How many of you would feel able to approach... Continue Reading →

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