Mental health at work

Recently I ran a training session for a large group of people. We worked on an exercise about supporting a colleague with a mental health issue in the workplace. The overwhelming expectation was for the person in distress to reach out to their manager. I asked: 'How many of you would feel able to approach... Continue Reading →

Character strengths – workplace & beyond

Leaders are often able to identify character strengths in others quickly and decisively, which enables them to deploy the right individuals to tasks they are likely to complete successfully. Leaders learn this through experience and knowing their own core virtues - it makes them valuable in terms of deploying teams with a mix of people... Continue Reading →

Inclusive interviews

I was reviewing my training material and found this video that some of you may not have seen. The video, by Heineken, is an example of using one event to benefit many different parts of an organisation (including customers) and making everyone feel included about who gets hired for a job - customers, the interviewees,... Continue Reading →

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